Sunday, August 2, 2009

Session 2: Naz Foundation

Thanks for making the CLIF on Death Penalty a great success. We unfortunately ran out of time even with the additional half hour that we debated the issue. I hope you will continue the discussions on the blog. A group of students has decided to take up Justice Sinha's challenge, and will be undertaking an exhaustive study of the application of death penalty in India.
This week's CLIF is on the Naz Foundation judgment. Please read it for the next session. Since there have been various discussions on campus on the judgment, the Forum will focus on the implications of Naz Foundation for constitutional adjudication, looking at issues like the horizontal application of equality rights, the open-endedness of the Art. 15(1) categories, the issue of strict scrutiny, etc. This is only an illustrative list. A detailed list of issues for discussion will be posted on the blog by Wednesday.

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